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Ghetto Techno.


The other day I posted the new Drake song, “Forever” and made a comment about how Kanye is one of my favorite rappers. Well if Kanye is one of my favorites, Jay-Z is the king. Hands down, Hov is my absolute favorite artist in the hip hop/rap game. I’m really looking forward to the release […]

Express yoself.


Although I’ve only had one day of classes, I’ve got a pile of homework I’m already procrastinating over. (reading Huck Finn for the 5th time, anyone?) So, as I sit here catching up on the 20+ blogs I have bookmarked on my computer, I stumble across this gem known as Polyvore, where budding fashionistas can […]

Sunday Funnies


This is probably the most hilarious thing I’ve seen all week. On the ABC show Wife Swap, a young boy flips out after his “new mom” tries to throw away his bacon. Hell, I’d probably throw a tantrum too if someone took away my bacon. His little southern drawl totally makes the video. Dude, I […]

Sorry, this is my second Twilight post in as many days, but like I said, I’m obsessed. And the thing is, once you fall in love with these books, it never goes away! You put them down for a few weeks, stop watching the movie, neglect to search for any and all information you can […]

Pump it up.


I was listening to the radio this morning while driving and on came an ESPN “Jock Jams” mash up…remember those cd’s? (or tapes, for those of you who are old enough.) That got me thinking about how music really does get people amped up. I remember getting ready to play high school field hockey games […]

I was browsing The Lipstick Diaries, a fashion blog I read on the regular, and came across this hideous creation known as “The Shuella”: Seriously, who the hell came up with these, and what were they on? While the girls over at The Lipstick Diaries loved these, and I normally think their advice is pretty […]

Sorry for the corny title, but this caught my attention over at Thirteen-year-old Katie Reyes hit a game-winning two-run single to push her Canadian team 14-13 over a German team in the Little League World Series Tuesday. How adorable is she? I’d be cheesin’ too if I just clinched a win for my team! […]