Team Jon? Team Kate? What about the 8?!?!


Hesitant as I am to give these two “media whores” more ink, I had to weigh in on the hoopla surrounding Jon and Kate Gosselin, because honestly, who else isn’t?

Happier times. image via the examiner.

Happier times. image via the examiner.

While the very public marital issues between the Gosselins are playing out in supermarket checkout lines and blog posts throughout the nation, the rest of us are left wondering who is taking care of the eight that made them so famous in the first place. We see Jon gallivanting from one college party to another, to the Hamptons to hang out with Michael Lohan (who by the way, is the ultimate poster child for riding on your child’s coattails to fame and publicity), and dating women who, let’s face it, are barely older than myself. Kate, on the other hand, seems to be on an all out media blitz to promote her “good mom” image. The soon to be former Mrs. Gosselin appeared on Larry King Live this week and while she said “deep down in his [Jon’s] heart he is [a good father]…” she managed to also subtly slam Jon’s bachelor-style antics. Although it’s clear that Jon is living a selfish lifestyle, I have to wonder, isn’t Kate’s media presence a form of selfishness too? By choosing to appear on television shows and interviews discussing divorce and marital problems, it seems as though she is putting her own interests above what is best for her children. In my opinion, one of these two needs to grow up and focus on the eight children who are responsible for their fame in the first place. One thing is for sure, these kids are gonna need a lot of support once they become old enough to read and understand this very public battle.


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