All hail Princess RiRi.


Can we just talk about Rihanna for a minute? I have a major girl crush on this chick. She takes daily fashion risks most of us would never dream of and still manages to look completely fly. Here she is rocking the MC Hammer style pants that have been steadily making a comeback since spring:

Princess RiRi

On another note, Chris Brown was sentenced to five years’ probation and six months of physical labor for assaulting Rihanna earlier this year. The judge who handed down the ruling was adamant about Brown not violating the terms of his sentence- most specifically the order not to contact Rihanna. Interestingly enough, Rihanna had actually asked that those terms be dropped, allowing the two to continue to stay in touch. While I feel that domestic violence of any kind is deplorable and definitely deserves punishment, my gut tells me something more is going on in this situation. Why would Rihanna ask for the contact stipulation to be dropped? If she’s still interested in seeing or speaking with Chris Brown, could she be interested in a reconciliation? Of course, I’m just speculating here. What do you think?


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