And now…a “WTF were they thinking?!?!” moment


I was browsing The Lipstick Diaries, a fashion blog I read on the regular, and came across this hideous creation known as “The Shuella”:
Seriously, who the hell came up with these, and what were they on? While the girls over at The Lipstick Diaries loved these, and I normally think their advice is pretty on point, I wouldn’t be caught dead with them on my feet. And what’s more, they retail here for almost $50! My grandmother could make something slightly more stylish with a plastic bag and some paint. People, this is what rainboots were made for. Target makes some cute ones nowadays, so I’m begging you, if you’re searching for a way to keep your toesies dry…drop the $20 on a pair of boots and don’t risk this fashion faux-pas.


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