Express yoself.


Although I’ve only had one day of classes, I’ve got a pile of homework I’m already procrastinating over. (reading Huck Finn for the 5th time, anyone?) So, as I sit here catching up on the 20+ blogs I have bookmarked on my computer, I stumble across this gem known as Polyvore, where budding fashionistas can select a bag, shoe, top, bottom -virtually any component of a potential outfit- and create an entire “set” from the site’s endless list of brands, stores, and products and then publish it for other people to browse. I was amazed at the hundreds of different sets…you can search for a particular look by trend, brand, even celebrity inspiration.

Here’s one of my many favorites:

I gotta feeling
I’m loving that necklace. I think it’s so awesome this site allows its users to create what is essentially these little works of art with their favorite pieces…And for those of us on a budget who can’t always afford the pieces we want, this is sweet way to dream anyway. It sort of reminds me of Cher’s closet in the movie Clueless– remember how it picked out her outfits for her? I wanted one of those things so bad.

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