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Kanye West attempted to do damage control via his blog, with an apology to Taylor Swift. For those of you who don’t know already, at last night’s MTV VMA’s, West jumped on stage during the country singer’s acceptance speech, stole her mic, and proceeded to tell the audience that Beyonce had the best video of […]



I previously posted that Kanye West is one of my favorite rappers. Even though his public persona has always been cocky and obnoxious, my love and respect for the music he makes always overrode his rampant douchebaggery. However, tonight at MTV’s Video Music Awards, West made possibly the most crazy, over-the-top move that will more […]

Happy Sunday.


Happy Sunday everyone! I was so excited today for the first Sunday football day of the year-and my favorite teams all managed to become 1-0 today so I’m a happy camper. I’ve got an insane amount of homework to finish up before Tuesday and a crazy busy week (not to mention my 21st on Wednesday!) […]

My old roomies Julie, Sarah and I used to dread heading to Wal Mart because let’s face it; although Wal Mart does boast very, very low prices, you can find some pretty unsavory characters there. Little did I know, my local Wal Mart is pretty tame. Julie tipped me off to a website called People […]

So, Serena Williams ended her US Open bid last night after losing to unranked Kim Clijsters. The controversial conclusion culminated with officials awarding Clijsters a match-ending point for unsportsmanlike conduct on Williams’ part. After being called for a double fault Williams approached line officials and had some words: Sorry for the crappy quality,  but Serena […]

Ok, hopefully Rachel Zoe won’t be after me for using “I Die” but I couldn’t think of anything else to describe how I feel about these. Last month I posted photos of Hellz Bellz first foray into footwear, a collab with Vans. Well Lanie and the Hellz ladies just posted photos from the upcoming Hellz […]

I have one word and one word only for this pile of disgustingness. Pathetic. Just when we thought we got away from all the baby mama drama surrounding Sarah Palin and her motley crew, Levi Johnston (Bristol Palin’s baby daddy) decides he hasn’t quite milked his 15 minutes for all they’re worth just yet…and seizes […]