Gossip Guy.



I did a double take when I read the second sentence of this article on NYDailyNews.com. According to a recent study in the UK, men who gossip outnumber gossiping women two to one. What?!?! Especially knowing the habits of my friends (you know who you are) and myself (yes, I’m guilty too), I’m skeptical that these stats ring true for us here in the US. I don’t know a female who DOESN’T love sharing “the skinny” with a friend…we’re all guilty of it and it’s time to accept it. The guys I know, on the other hand, seem more focused on sports, beer, and of course, us ladies. I doubt they’re calling each other up because whatshisname and whosherface ended their facebook relationship, but I guess I could be wrong. What do you think…which sex is guilty of the most gossip?


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