And I thought I was redneck.


My old roomies Julie, Sarah and I used to dread heading to Wal Mart because let’s face it; although Wal Mart does boast very, very low prices, you can find some pretty unsavory characters there. Little did I know, my local Wal Mart is pretty tame. Julie tipped me off to a website called People of Wal Mart, where visitors can browse and submit crazy “seen at Wal Mart” photos. Now I know it’s wrong to laugh at people who don’t have the means to always dress fashionably, believe me, I get that. But some of this stuff is downright hilarious. Here are some of my favorite photos:


So, a word to the wise people. Think the next time you step out of your house on a quick errand thinking no one will see you so it doesn’t matter how you’re dressed…because clearly you never know.


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