Serena Williams…temper, temper.


So, Serena Williams ended her US Open bid last night after losing to unranked Kim Clijsters. The controversial conclusion culminated with officials awarding Clijsters a match-ending point for unsportsmanlike conduct on Williams’ part. After being called for a double fault Williams approached line officials and had some words:

Sorry for the crappy quality,  but Serena says “I swear to God I’m gonna take this f***ing ball and shove it down your f***ing throat, you hear that? I swear to God”

Now, I’m not going to say I’ve never lost my temper playing sports. I’m a competitive individual- in fact, most of my high school teammates can attest that an official had to remind me to watch my mouth on more than one occasion. I understand that sports and competition can be extremely passionate and emotional, especially when a professional like Williams has so much riding on a win or loss. But blatant disrespect of officials is inexcusable and in my opinion the lowest form of unsportsmanlike conduct. A big fan of the Williams sisters, I must admit I’m really disappointed in Serena’s actions on the court. A lot of athletes and celebrities dismiss this aspect of their fame, but like it or not, if you’re in the public spotlight you are a role model for younger generations that aspire to be in the same position. Angry outbursts and other displays of unsportsmanlike conduct (both on AND off the field/court/green/whatever) seriously diminish the integrity of competition…and if actions like Williams’ are what the next generation of professional athletes are exposed (not to mention desensitized) to now, who knows what will be the norm ten or even 20 years from now?


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