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For you Forever 21 fanatics (myself included, I confess), I just wanted to let you know I received an email this afternoon advertising select denim for $9.50!!! An insane steal for sure, even for Forever 21. I don’t typically get my jeans there just because I’m a shorty and their denim is typically too long […]

Saw this Alexander McQueen piece on If It’s Hip, It’s Here last month and I’ve been meaning to post ever since. It’s a clutch with brass knuckles embellished with skulls and shiz as the clasp! I love the attitude of this bag, it totally reminds me of something Rihanna would rock.  I hate bringing purses […]

Ok, I know everyone must be getting sick of hearing about the Gosselins, but personally I can’t get enough of the drama, especially anything that has to do with Jon and his incessant need to show the world the twatwaffle he really is. Either he’s the stupidest man on earth or the smartest, because he […]