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Ok, I know everyone must be getting sick of hearing about the Gosselins, but personally I can’t get enough of the drama, especially anything that has to do with Jon and his incessant need to show the world the twatwaffle he really is. Either he’s the stupidest man on earth or the smartest, because he […]

My old roomies Julie, Sarah and I used to dread heading to Wal Mart because let’s face it; although Wal Mart does boast very, very low prices, you can find some pretty unsavory characters there. Little did I know, my local Wal Mart is pretty tame. Julie tipped me off to a website called People […]

Sunday Funnies


This is probably the most hilarious thing I’ve seen all week. On the ABC show Wife Swap, a young boy flips out after his “new mom” tries to throw away his bacon. Hell, I’d probably throw a tantrum too if someone took away my bacon. His little southern drawl totally makes the video. Dude, I […]