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For you Forever 21 fanatics (myself included, I confess), I just wanted to let you know I received an email this afternoon advertising select denim for $9.50!!! An insane steal for sure, even for Forever 21. I don’t typically get my jeans there just because I’m a shorty and their denim is typically too long […]

Kanye West attempted to do damage control via his blog, with an apology to Taylor Swift. For those of you who don’t know already, at last night’s MTV VMA’s, West jumped on stage during the country singer’s acceptance speech, stole her mic, and proceeded to tell the audience that Beyonce had the best video of […]



I previously posted that Kanye West is one of my favorite rappers. Even though his public persona has always been cocky and obnoxious, my love and respect for the music he makes always overrode his rampant douchebaggery. However, tonight at MTV’s Video Music Awards, West made possibly the most crazy, over-the-top move that will more […]

Happy Sunday.


Happy Sunday everyone! I was so excited today for the first Sunday football day of the year-and my favorite teams all managed to become 1-0 today so I’m a happy camper. I’ve got an insane amount of homework to finish up before Tuesday and a crazy busy week (not to mention my 21st on Wednesday!) […]



Sorry guys! I know it’s been forever since I did a post, but school and work have kept me so busy for the last week or so…not to mention I added a little boy to my family, bringing our grand total up to 2! Haha. No, I haven’t been mysteriously hiding a pregnancy for the […]

I was browsing The Lipstick Diaries, a fashion blog I read on the regular, and came across this hideous creation known as “The Shuella”: Seriously, who the hell came up with these, and what were they on? While the girls over at The Lipstick Diaries loved these, and I normally think their advice is pretty […]



Welcome to my blog! Hopefully you’ll come back frequently…I plan on covering everything from sports to fashion to mainstream news to celebrity gossip. Have a suggestion for content or a comment for me? Email me at, or just leave me a comment. I’ll get back to you, I promise! Hope you love it. xoxo, […]